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Recycled 14K Gold⠀•⠀Natural Diamonds⠀•⠀Conflict-free Materials⠀•⠀Made in LA

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Recycled 14K Gold⠀•⠀Natural Diamonds⠀•⠀Conflict-free Materials⠀•⠀Made in LA



Excess production is no joke. A good portion of our available pieces are made-to-order so that we don't waste resources. Made-to-Order is one of the most sustainable production methods because instead of mass producing, we only make orders for those who ask. Producing this way helps us avoid any needless waste and allows you to be more sustainable, planning your purchase and waiting for it to be produced and delivered.


Our collection is designed to be timeless, made by expert artisans. Every manufacturer and supplier is carefully selected, and must use conflict-free materials with ethically sourced natural diamonds and gemstones.

Recycled 14K Gold

98% of our pieces are made of recycled gold, and that is intentional. Gold has the remarkable ability to be recycled over and over again while never losing its quality. Typically, recycled gold will come from consumer products, waste products, unused metal and other items that are made from gold. By using recycled gold, it helps us preserve natural resources, reduce green house gas emissions, helps conserve energy and decrease environmental damage.

Minimized Packaging

We want to deliver the finest jewelry, with the smallest carbon footprint. Every purchase from Zoe Lev arrives carefully wrapped in a gift ready box, with minimal recyclable packaging.  


Although we've taken steps to drive sustainability as a company, we know it extends beyond our office walls. So each month, a portion of our sales are donated to the following environmental organizations:

If you'd like to contribute with a donation, click on the logo to be directed to their donation page.