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Recycled 14K Gold⠀•⠀Natural Diamonds⠀•⠀Conflict-free Materials⠀•⠀Made in LA

Book for a birthday, anniversary, bridal party and more!

Recycled 14K Gold⠀•⠀Natural Diamonds⠀•⠀Conflict-free Materials⠀•⠀Made in LA

Piercing Party!

WHEN:August 11 | 3-6pm
Our DTLA Showroom!
510 W. 6th St, Suite 220,
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Buy a stud, and the piercing is on us!

Anyone 10+ with parental consent, or 18+ with a valid ID.


Our stud prices start at $90.

As many as you want. You have 15 minutes with the piercer. 

Yes! Our team works with professional piercers who meet the standard of the Association of Professional Piercers. 

After getting your ears pierced, it's important to take care of them.You'll want to leave your earrings in for at least 6 weeks, if not longer, before changing them out. Clean them with a mild, fragrance-free soap at least once a day (make sure you wash your hands before doing so). Thoroughly rinse the ears to make sure no soap is left around the piercing, and pat dry. Avoid touching your new piercing unless necessary.Always keep an eye on your piercing - soreness, swelling or redness may occur as a natural part of the heeling process. 

Of course! We have a selection of single studs for sale in several styles.

 Click hereto see the full list. 

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